Author Title RatingDate Read
Acevedo, Elizabeth The Poet X ★★★★★06/26/2020
Acevedo, ElizabethWith the Fire on High ★★★★★07/11/2020
Aciman, AndréCall Me By Your Name ★★★★★01/30/2018
Aciman, André Find Me ★★★☆☆01/09/2020
Adams, Lyssa Kay The Bromance Book Club ★★★★☆08/31/2020
Adams, Lyssa KayCrazy Stupid Bromance★★★★★02/06/2021
Adams, Lyssa KayUndercover Bromance★★★★☆02/04/2021
Albertalli, Becky What If It’s Us★★★☆☆11/24/2020
Alvarez, JuliaHow the García Girls Lost Their Accents★★★☆☆07/12/2019
Backman, Fredrik Anxious People ★★★★★09/10/2020
Baer, KateWhat Kind of Woman: Poems★★★★★12/31/2020
Bayliss, Jenny The Twelve Dates of Christmas★★★★☆12/30/2020
Bennett, BritThe Vanishing Half ★★★★★06/07/2020
Christie, Agatha And Then There Were None★★★★★2011-2012
Christie, Agatha Murder on the Orient Express★★★★☆01/25/2018
Cisneros, SandraThe House on Mango Street★★★★☆11/25/2019
Clark, JulieThe Last Flight ★★★★☆06/29/2020
Cleeton, ChanelNext Year In Havana ★★★★☆01/16/2020
Cleeton, ChanelWhen We left Cuba ★★★★☆03/25/2020
Cruz, AngieDominicana★★★☆☆05/21/2020
Curtis, RosieWe Met in December★★★☆☆12/11/2020
Dahl, Roald The Witches ★★★★☆11/03/2020
Danan, RosieThe Roommate ★★★☆☆02/10/2021
Daria, AlexisYou Had Me at Hola★★★★☆09/22/2020
Dickens, CharlesA Christmas Carol★★★★☆12/27/2020
Finn, A.J.The Woman in the Window★★★★☆02/17/2020
Flynn, GillianDark Places ★★★★★01/2015
Flynn, Gillian Sharp Objects ★★★★☆07/21/2018
Foley, Lucy The Guest List ★★★☆☆04/15/2020
George, AlexThe Paris Hours ★★★★☆04/30/2020
Goldin, Megan The Night Swim ★★★★☆08/07/2020
Green, JohnAn Abundance of Katherines ★☆☆☆☆2014
Green, John The Fault in Our Stars ★★★☆☆2014
Green JohnLooking for Alaska★★★☆☆2014
Green, JohnPaper Towns ★★★☆☆2014
Guillory, Jasmine Royal Holiday★★★★☆11/12/2020
Guillory, JasmineThe Wedding Date ★★★☆☆02/28/2021
Hendrix, Grady The Southern Book Club’s
Guide to Slaying Vampires
Henry, Emily Beach Read ★★★★★04/18/2020
Hoffman, Alice Practical Magic★★★★☆10/15/2020
Honeyman, Gail Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine★★★★★12/11/2019
Igharo, JaneTies That Tether★★★★★01/03/2021
King, Stephen Pet Sematary ★★★★★07/25/2019
Kwan, KevinCrazy Rich Asians ★★★★☆08/30/2018
Lauren, ChristinaMy Favorite Half-Night Stand★★★★☆02/20/2021
Lauren, ChristinaThe Unhoneymooners★★★★★03/20/2020
Lo, MalindaLast Night at the Telegraph Club★★★★★01/31/2021
McQuiston, CaseyRed, White, & Royal Blue★★★★★03/17/2020
Michaelides, Alex The Silent Patient★★★★☆02/19/2020
Miller, MadelineThe Song of Achilles★★★★★02/14/2021
Moreno-Garcia, Silvia Mexican Gothic ★★★★☆10/09/2020
Namey, Laura TaylorA Cuban Girl’s Guide to Tea and Tomorrow★★★★☆11/17/2020
Ng, Celeste Everything I Never Told You★★★★★01/10/2021
Ng, CelesteLittle Fires Everywhere ★★★★★03/02/2020
North, Alex The Whisper Man ★★★★☆10/27/2020
North, AnnaOutlawed★★★★☆01/19/2021
Orange, Tommy There There ★★★★☆08/28/2020
Oseman, Alice Heartstopper: Volume One★★★★★12/27/2020
Pagán, CamilleThis Won’t End Well★★★☆☆06/02/2020
Phillips, GinFierce Kingdom ★★★☆☆09/17/2017
Poe, Edgar Allan The Tell-Tale Heart ★★★★★12/29/2019
Rowell, RainbowEleanor & Park ★★★★★02/21/2020
Rowell, Rainbow Pumpkinheads ★★★★☆09/28/2020
Rum, Etaf A Woman is No Man ★★★★★03/30/2020
Sager, RileyFinal Girls ★★★☆☆07/30/2017
Sample, Maria Where’d You Go, Bernadette★★★★☆12/02/2019
Shusterman, NealScythe★★★★★07/20/2020
Shusterman, Neal Thunderhead★★★★★07/28/2020
Silver, JosieOne Day in December★★★★★11/24/2019
Silver, JosieThe Two Lives of Lydia Bird ★★★★☆03/15/2020
Silvera, AdamWhat If It’s Us★★★☆☆11/24/2020
Stayman-London, KateOne to Watch ★★★★☆06/14/2020
Thomas, AngieThe Hate U Give★★★★☆03/25/2021
Thorpe, RufiThe Knockout Queen★★★★★05/28/2020
Wilson, Kevin Nothing to See Here★★★★★05/23/2020
Winfrey, Kerry Waiting for Tom Hanks ★★★☆☆07/05/2020
Woodson, Jacqueline Red at the Bone★★★★☆11/10/2020
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